At the student graduation show in Eindhoven I saw a project Tableware as Sensorial stimuli by Jinhyun Jeon.
The designer has designed Cutlery which focuses on getting food in bite-sized morsels from the plate to the mouth, but it could do so much more. Jinhyun aims to stretch the limits of what tableware can do. Focusing on ways of making eating a much richer experience, a series of dozens of different designs has been created, inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia. An everyday event, ‘taste’ is created as a combination of more than five senses. Tasty formulas with the 5 elements – temperature, colour, texture, volume/weight, and form – are applied to design proposal. The designer believes that the tableware we use for eating is not just a tool for placing food in our mouth, but is challenging our senses even in the moment when the food is still on its way to being consumed. Each of designs have been created to stimulate different senses – allowing more than just our taste buds to be engaged in the act and enjoyment of eating as sensorial stimuli, therefore it would lead the way of mindful eating which guides to rediscovering a healthy and joyful relationship with food.

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