Get Your Urban Garden Going

Even in urban areas you can make space for a patch of green. Here are some ideas to make your urban garden a reality.

Urban gardens are increasingly common around the world, and today their popularity is growing with urban Indian communities as well. Normally developed on a balcony or a building terrace, urban garden is an ideal way to get some home-grown vegetables directly into your kitchen.

Living in a confined city space, you probably will not consider the option of developing and managing a garden in your home. However, if thought of creatively, your home or workplace might just be good enough to do the job. With a touch of out-of-the-box thinking one can augment your city-space to make room for one’s own special garden.

As space is restricted, a couple of cultivating tricks can take you far. Vertical gardening is one such idea. It includes nurturing a plant’s development along a vertical structure, for example, a trellis. This guarantees valuable floor space in an urban setting is not compromised.

Also arranging your plants correctly is also essential to keep your urban greenhouse in bloom. One must designate particular spaces for plants to ensure that they get as much sunlight (as required by the particular species of flora). Some plants can be nurtured indoors, while others could be grown along the limits of the terrace or balcony.

In planning urban gardens with less space, moderation is the key. Using pots of the right size is essential as this also helps with space efficiency. You can also use a variety of plant holders that are available in the market. These structures can significantly increase the amount of plants you can grow indoors. Moreover, they can be moved around effortlessly and also allow you to maintain your plants better.

Now with all these available tools and tricks, take the plunge and do not back-off from developing an urban garden even in a confined city space. There’s more space here than you’d might have thought!

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