Vintage Never Gets Old

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What could be better than to get vibrant bespoke furniture made of original leather to give your home a rustic feel! Dehli based Studio Ochre founded by Tushar Chhabra in 2010 have come up with just that. His idea was to stretch the boundaries of creativity and put on the table innovative ideas for interior and furniture design.

With no compromise to its design and ergonomics, the products at Studio Ochre are more unique and offbeat than the regular furnishings available in the industry. Be it a leather vanity table or a heritage trunk bar, every piece at Studio Ochre is exquisitely handcrafted. Another striking element is their attention to details.

A statement piece from Studio Ochre will add distinct charm to your room. Specializing in genuine leather products, they also provide furniture and interior design solutions in materials such as fabric and leatherette.

Most of their items can be assembled at home, which makes their transportation hassle-free.

The studio also provides bespoke decorative items and gift articles customized as per requirements.

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