Weaving Livelihoods

URMI was born of a revivalist fashion wave. The word literally means wave or warmth and the brand does justice to both the terms.

The brainchild of entrepreneur and revivalist Kavitha Chandran, URMI is her contribution to the booming ethical fashion and textile industry in India. Launched in January 2016, the brand is driven by Chandran’s passion and commitment towards a green ecosystem and way of life.

URMI trains and employs women weavers from insurgent areas in and around Coimbatore. Each handbag, thus, is a result of intense work and love. The brand empowers women to earn their livelihoods while creating some of the most stunning hand woven bags. Each craftsperson invests eight to 22 hours into crafting a single product, depending on the style.

Each handbag is stylish and go well with both ethnic Indian wear or western outfits. From black and white, to a more colourful green and even a metallic golden, one can choose various colours as per their preference.

Stemming from the need of the hour – sustainability and the resuscitation of extinct Indian weaves – the homegrown label produces superior quality and well-designed handbags using non-degradable plastic waste.

The admiration for home-made woven handbags in South India led Chandran to conduct months of rigorous research. Experiments with weaves in various designs and shapes were done, after which weavers were identified and trained by the brand to create the products that are retailed today.

Currently, the brand incorporates four types of weaves in their collections – Shiva Eye weave, Flower Bud weave, Star weave and Regular weave. URMI has successfully collaborated with brands such as Manish Arora and Behno


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