When Old Meets New

Reinterpreting design as an amalgam of India’s rich cultural heritage and the new modern, the founders of this product design studio are themselves an embodiment of ‘East meets West’, having studied design in India as well as abroad.

Based in New Delhi, Amalgam is a multi-disciplinary design practice that specializes in furniture design, product design and lighting design. The studio aims to revive the waning art of inlay in coloured and composite stone and wood, by blending convention with modernity to create hand-crafted home accessories. Their motto emphasizes that design should be viewed as a customized craft, a holistic experience. The team constantly strives to produce work that is a marriage of functionality and aesthetics, unison of tradition and modernity, a merger of colour and pattern, a combination of style and utility. “We wish to redefine the meaning of contemporary Indian modern aesthetic with our work,” says the team.

The Amalgam catalogue offers a wide range of products to its customers. The Ray Burst Side Table with a wooden base features a white marble tabletop with inlay work in pink composite stone. The Circling Clique Side Table is similar in its form, but flaunts more colour in the inlay work, symbolic of the various shades of colour in our lives. The Sunshine Side Table and Dolly Side Table have Jaisalmer stone tabletops and wooden legs. While the white inlay work of the former is inspired by the rays of the sun, the white, black and red inlay work of the latter is an abstraction of traditional Russian doll motifs. A variety of mirrors, dining tables and console tables add to the selection of furniture products. The kitchen items available include cutting knives, coasters, platters, trays and boxes in myriad shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Multi-purpose knobs for doors, drawers and cabinet shutters form a unique addition to their collection. Their most exciting piece? A 10”x10” custom-made knots and crosses board game, hand-crafted in makrana stone, granite, red onyx, and wood. Symbolic of Amalgam’s luxury ethos, this exquisite set is a collector’s item.

Anika Mittal, founder of Amalgam as well as Mold Design Studio completed her bachelor’s degree at Sushant School of Art and Architecture in Gurgaon. Tanya Khanna, founder of Epistle Communications is her classmate from the undergraduate years and partner at Amalgam. Both girls received their post-graduate degrees from The Bartlett, University College London. Today, their products can be ordered online as well as purchased from various retail stores in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Goa and Gurgaon.

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