Why So Serious?

Founded by husband-wife duo, Pratik and Shikha Barasia, this Mumbai-based company imbues a cheerful element into each furniture piece setting it apart from the ordinary. The couple revels in creating funky products that allow each customer to express his or her individuality. Whether a striking colour palette, a unique shape or a modern interpretation of a traditional art form, each product promises to be a conversation starter.

With a background in interior design and a childhood surrounded by formal period furniture, Shikha decided to break out of her mould with the inception of Square Barrel. She draws her inspiration from tribal, pop and modern art, and often from the everyday things she sees around her. Pratik, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, brings his business acumen to the table. Under the mentorship of Dr. Anurag Kanoria of The Great Eastern Home, the couple’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit takes shape. The result? A collection of furniture that encourages a keen curiosity in those that perceive it.

Square Barrel designs furniture items ranging from cabinets, seating and tables to bookshelves, mirrors and assorted home accessories. Offbeat creations such as the Zulu Buttons Console, the Artsy Aboriginal Console and the Abacus Console ensure that there’s something for everyone. While the Polka Dot Chair and Lounge Chair serve as great single-seater options, even children are drawn to the friendly Caterpillar Bench. Other interesting pieces include an accent table in the shape of an elm leaf, a centre table in the shape of a Dutch truffle cake, bookshelves that mimic London phone booths and Chinese tangram shapes, and a variety of quirky trays, stands, frames and bookends.

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