Wireless Lighting

Two creative minds figure out how to use an electromagnetic field to create wireless lighting.

With the passage of time our surroundings are increasingly being infused with electromagnetic radiation. In the past 30 years gadgets of all kinds (estimated to be around five billion today) add to the radiation in our environment.

These electronic gadgets create an invisible system of waves or electromagnetic radiation in our living space. However, these waves are certainly physical and have been the subject matter of a fair bit of discussion and debate, both among researchers and the overall population, about their safety and  long term impact on the population.

These waves travel a large number of kilometers in a couple of milliseconds and can penetrate materials that we generally consider as being impervious. As per designers, Alice Bonicelli and Lorena Rubio Toledo, “Electromagnetic fields constitute an ubiquitous and dematerialised layer that overlays on our landscape. We call it ‘radioscape'”.

The twosome saw that our living spaces are plagued by electromagnetic radiation generated from electronic gadgets. As a result, they created a wireless lighting which gets turned on when it experiences an invisible electromagnetic field.

‘Radio Killed The Electric Star’ is a collection of lamps that works by interacting with a self-produced electromagnetic field. The system is made of two exaggerated induction coils which when put in proximity to each other – one generating, the other receiving – automatically turns on an integrated LED in the wireless lighting. Setting the coils at a distance breaks the connection, and the LED light turns off.

Their prototype brings up intriguing thoughts like the potential of this undiscovered energy source of electromagnetic radiation and how it can be used (for our good) in the future.

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