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The Project Wood catalogue sells unique, iconic and authentically handcrafted furniture and accessories that boast of a future-proof quality. The idea is to create products that customers will get attached to and build a sort of sentiment around. “We want to fill your homes with pieces that you will hold on to forever,” says Pahwa. What makes them different from any other design studio? The answer is simple – they care. By staying away from the corporate arena, they bring to the table a compassion that helps customers achieve a personalised and customised look for their homes.

The designs at Project Wood aim to explore and exploit the potential of different materials, be it wood, glass, metal, fabric or rope. A strong sense of pure geometry is interestingly characteristic of their work. Shapes generally unexplored by other design studios make their way into some of the Project Wood concepts. An isosceles triangle for a wall-hung hook and an equilateral triangle for wall-hung shelves pay tribute to three-sided polygons. Tables with perfectly square or perfectly circular table tops, hexagonal side tables, and spherical seating add to the collection.

Products are classified into four different series. The Fine Collection, crafted in teak, gives a contemporary spin to timeless classic designs. Designed with an eye for detail, these products speak pure elegance. The Lustrous Collection aspires to discover new shapes, finishes, colour combinations and joinery details. The aforementioned geometrical pieces fall into this category. The Weaves Collection, as the name suggests, examines the potential of rope in its simplest form. These unusual yet delightfully beautiful pieces fit in seamlessly in both indoor and outdoor settings. Last but not the least, The Garden Series is designed specially to adorn the green spaces of homes.

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