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Launched in 2013, The Brighter Side is headed by a set of highly experienced individuals who believe in the old adage that customer is king. Further, they offer a vast range of products, each of which has been designed and handcrafted in India. Not only do their designs match up to international standards in terms of quality, they also boast of a global aesthetic appeal.

The team spends adequate time with each client to understand the specific needs and applications of his/her space. Thereafter, a lighting design scheme is presented to the client with light fixture suggestions for every room. The company is committed to providing cost-effective, durable and energy-efficient lighting solutions to its customers.

Three main verticals define the product catalogue – decorative lights, commercial lights and recycled lamps. The team believes that lighting plays an important role in creating a comfortable ambience and dictating our daily moods. Thus, the purpose of decorative lights is not only aesthetic but also functional. From chandeliers for the dining room to ornamental wall lights for the bedroom, The Brighter Side has something for every corner of the house. The range includes lanterns, suspended lamps, standing lamps, mirror lights as well as outdoor lights.

In the segment of commercial lights, their catalogue includes LED strips and rigid bars for cove lighting; spotlights, down lights and track lights for retail spaces; in-ground burials, garden lights and wall washers for garden lighting; bay lights, flood lights and street lights for industrial lighting; and various kinds of diffused down lights for office spaces.

The recycled lamps vertical brings a unique element of innovation into their design process. Hand painted bottles in various colours, light sources and cluster combinations give rise to an exclusive collection of affordable and bizarre lights made from reused backyard junk.

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