Bringing Ethnic Heritage To Your Doorstep

Imagine bringing home a piece of art that has its roots in the Mohenjodaro and Harappa civilisations. Olha-O is popularising the indigenous craft form, Dhokra, by creating ethnic decor and gifting items.

A brand under Ethical & Sustainable Young Indian Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd., Olha-O has been promoting exquisite ethnic pieces of home and outdoor decor from the hinterlands of India. Based in Jaipur, the brand wants to more and more people to value and use these mesmerising Indian handicrafts.

“While we offer our consumers unique handcrafted wall decor products, home accessories, corporate gifts, and the likes, we also pave a path towards better economic opportunities for the craftsmen,” Ishita Choudhary, co-founder of Olha-O, says. 


“This is almost an ethnic revolution and you can be a part of it too. So come explore our exclusive range and experience the true Indian heritage,” she says.

Made of bell metal, each product represents Dhokra art, an exquisite indigenous, handmade art form. From napkin holders to multi-utility boxes, from pen stands to table lamps, each item is well-crafted and makes for perfect gifting option. 

Ever since its inception, Olha-O has placed its faith in local artisans and believed that their handcrafted products deserve a larger canvas. This made them search the country for the best craftsmen and local talent. The brand now provides better economic opportunities to several artisans.

Olha-O, with its vast products of products and prices, wants to encourage customers to buy more ethnic products and bring home a slice of Indian heritage.

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