Contemporary Lights For Least Assuming Spaces

Add these contemporary lights that are designed to give an impression of a larger space to your home!

Your home space may have a smaller surface area or you may be the kind of person who prefers to live in a small manageable home. Nevertheless, however small a space may be, it can be illumined with proper lighting to achieve an assumption of a larger space that can in no way look cluttered.


This lamp with lokta and banana fibre handmade paper is placed on an SS base. The paper is textured using crushing, sandwiching and other techniques. Placed in a corner of the living room or in any dark corner of a room, the skyscraper light can create an amazing effect of enhanced space.


Using wine bottle and hi-powered LEDs, it creates an energy efficient recycled hanging lamp.  Grappa comes in shades of blue, green, yellow red and white. The Grappa Collection offers a sparkling, subdued and elegant ambiance. The colour multiplicity allows you to create a chandelier with your own creativity. The 3 Watt LED diffuses a bright light and creates a joyful atmosphere!


The Cone Ceiling light can easily be mounted to any flat surface. Original and discreet, it is a perfect ceiling or wall light, to give a charming touch of wood in your room.


Swivel is inspired by Pixar animation characters. It is a functional task light with attitude and style. Swivel's pivoting head can rotate to shine a light in all directions in the most simple and playful ways. It is cone head is made from acacia wood supported by a light-weight, sturdy aluminium body.


The lamp is a work of art in the truest sense. It is made of concrete and has a cylindrical shape. The unique thing about the Meshed Up lamp is that it has perforations all over it, which looks wonderful when light pass through these little pores. The product is available in grey colour.

Shop these wonderful lights and transform your home décor overnight!!!

 Photo Courtesy – Design Owl

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