Furnishing Living Spaces


These eight quirky décor products can uplift the style of your living space like never before.

Your living room is that space of your house where you relax, entertain, watch TV and do countless activities that are difficult to list down. Hence, decorating it in a way that it makes you feel comfortable and gives you easy access to things of utility is also a must. But what remains the endearing factor in a house is the kind and type of décor products you use to give your living space a pleasant and colourful look.

So here we bring you a list of ten décor products that are a must have in your living area.

Monumental Pen Stand: Stack all your stationery in style with this monumental pen station by Atelier DS. Providing a minimal and clean look, this pen stand is cohesion of basic shapes translating into a utilitarian product. Atelier DS also provides you with such other cool stationery products like a tape dispenser and monumental bookends.

Octogonal Planter: Add a splash of colour to your living room with this pink coloured planter which also serves as a basket. From holding small sized potted plants to being a water paper bin, this multi-purpose product can be used for a slew of purposes. Designed by The Lohasmith, this classic steel planter is available in an array of colours like yellow, black, red and blue. You can check The Lohasmith’s complete décor collection here.

Munich Star Metal and Glass Pendant: Gulmohar Lane brings you this Munich Star and Glass Pendant designed specifically to light your lives and you space with its elegant design and classic light setting. Originally inspired by the Moravian stars, this light fixture is crafted using rustic, textured metal with insets of antiqued mirror glass with a subtle metallic patina. Apart from this, Gulmohar Lane also displays its eclectic collection of coffee tables, cushions and filament bulbs.

Chatter Chatter Birds Coasters: In your space for relaxation, as you often tend to sip on your favourite beverage watching a TV show or doing your daily reading activity, coasters are undoubtedly a must have to prevent the surface from getting wet. Hence, these Chatter Chatter Bird Coasters by The Echo Store work wonders by providing you with a quirky design material which also serves its basic utility purpose. The Echo Store coasters have been designed and then printed with high quality ink. They have been finished off with a glossy coating.

Cushions: Cushions are a must have in every household; this enigmatic country garden rose cushion by Gulmohar Lane is specially designed to enhance the appeal of your living room. A perfect headset to rest on after a long day of work, this cushion adds a floral touch to your space with its fine pattern and subtle hue. You can check Gulmohar Lane’s entire cushion collection here.

Patchwork Modern Leisure Chair in Multi Colour: An instant eye-catcher whether you place it in the living room or your personal space, this multi-colour leisure chair by HOME HQ is the perfect furniture product that attracts the onlookers with its classic design and colourful hues.  Designed with new-age housing in mind, this chair combines traditional with futuristic. The leisure chair has a lovely swan-like shape and is made of beautiful hand-stitched patchwork fabric. Home HQ also brings you a range of other furniture products that are sure to uplift the style of your living room.

Standing Tall-Table/ Floor clock: As keeping a track on time is important, adding a touch of quirk to the corners of your house is this standing tall table/floor clock by Gomaads. This quintessential clock is handmade from concrete and is available as table and floor clock as well. The clock is available in two different sizes – to be placed on the floor or the table. Available in exotic grey and white colours, Gomaads also deals in selling concrete tea light holders, desk organizers, planters and stick-on magnets.

Test Tube Vase 20: Placing a typical styled vase just got mundane with this exquisitely designed test tube vase by The Lohasmith. Designed in a test tube shape, this vase arrangement can be laid as per your taste i.e you can twist it too. Just add a few fresh flowers and this décor piece is sure to steal the show in your living room arrangement.

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