The Gifts Of The African Craftsman

Imagine being able to bring a slice of Southern Africa inside your living room. Run your fingers on the tabletop and let it remind you of wild, roaming elephants. Place your hand on the uneven, wooden bench and with eyes closed imagine zebras trotting off into the Kalahari sunset against tall baobab trees. 

The furniture from Mabeo is truly magical, as it brings a piece of Botswana, Africa, right into your home or office space. The furniture and accessories brand has been making the work of African artisans available to the world for several years now. Mabeo does it in a considered way, to reflect an essential simplicity of form, an idea of purity, the conscientious use and handling of natural materials, the dedication of the craftsmen and women, and the sensitivity of the collaborating designer with a reverence to the rich aesthetic heritage of Africa.

From dining tables to side tables, from stools to benches, every product stands out for its exquisite design and finish. It was in 2006 that Mabeo launched its products internationally, after 10 years of making bespoke furniture for local commercial projects. The brand has since then collaborated with some of the best designers on various projects and for developing a growing collection of in-house products.

What makes products by Mabeo stand out is the brand’s commitment to superior design, excellent quality, people, craftsmanship, sustainability and its work culture. The approach is honest and thoughtful, which is reflected in the designs that have a universal appeal. 

Each piece is the result of the combination of several factors, including the consideration to purity, the conscientious handling and use of natural materials, the dedication of the craftsmen and women, the commitment and sensitivity of the designer and an overriding simplicity. The echoes of the rich aesthetic heritage of Africa ring loud and clear each time someone invests in a Mabeo product. 

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