The Spaces Are Alive

The Godrej Legacy Park Silo: Trinity is an exhibition of Godrej’s iconic legacy, as well as a meditation on the fluidity of space and memories.

Brand identity, legacy, history, and a wide sweep of context and circumstance come together in a cauldron of high complexity at this exhibition. At the Godrej Legacy Park Silo: Trinity, three tall silos, ‘cabinets of curiosity’, stand together in a brooding huddle and house inside their bellies not “dead objects” but artefacts that conjure up memories.

This exhibition, created and curated by Ali Akbar Mehta and Vidha Saumya, focuses on the changing nature of spaces and the memories that attach themselves to them. “We recognise the Godrej Complex as a space devoted to natural and technical sciences, and have treated its representation as a live entity, rather than a museum of dead objects – creating contexts that represent different physical, psychological, historical, cultural realms and realities,” the artist statement mentions.

The exhibition relies on the strongest visual markers of the Godrej journey – photographs of the people who have helped, and continue to help, build the brand’s identity and character; the machines, and the small cogs and wheels that formed them; old factory signage and product instructional posters; paintings and installation pieces; shelves lined with brand props and memorabilia; a wall dedicated to displaying old chunky padlocks; a nostalgia-tugging display piece consisting of old, labelled vials and bottles of chemicals and mysterious industrial potions; and of course, iconic furniture pieces that defined different eras of the country.

The display room form is pertinent here too. Silos represent something basic, something almost dated. They look like rough-edged residents from the past, holding within them the current and the fluid, representing an ever-changing core wrapped in weather-beaten but strong skin.

“We are striving towards legibility, a vocabulary of analog experiences in a digital world – distilled through complex processes – to present a sense of the History, Achievements and Future of Godrej as a corporation, entity and cultural icon,” say the artists.

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