A Handcrafted Tribute

Courtyard by Aline’ is a tribute to vintage Indian handicraft. The brand brings together concepts from an enchanted culture, treasured craft styles and the grace of a bygone era, to mould them into contemporary styles. The brand brings collectible products for home, lighting, and table and dinnerware essentials.

Courtyard by Aline creates handcrafted products in brass, copper, silver and iron by using traditional metal-smithing techniques.

Each product is unique with a diverse mix of textures and designs because a variety of techniques are used while creating them.

The brand started with a vision to support the hand-skilled urban poor and to revive traditional craftsmanship. Some of the traditional skills include Thathera, Sume ka Kaam, Jaal Katai, Chetai, Meenakaari, Kalai and Billai. A typical Courtyard product is a combination of two to three such processes, the end result of which is unique.

While the products are designed for the modern consumer, each comes with its their innate craft sensibilities, reminding everyone that each piece has been lovingly handcrafted by a skilled artisan.

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