Hara Ghoda

Since its inception in 1998, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has been the source of encouragement for innumerable other arts and culture-oriented festivals across the country. The festival is back to leave the city in awe with a sumptuous spread of artistic brilliance. With Hara Ghoda as the theme this year, it is a nod to environmental issues prevailing in today’s times by embracing all things sustainable, re-usable and recyclable.The festival commenced on 3rd February and is set to go on until 11th February. The nine-day event is a celebration for art lovers; where an amalgamation of performances, events, and art that represent the wonders of nature.

A total of 55 installations will be set up extending from Rampart Row to Cross Maidan. It is divided into the usual 12 sections. The sections include visual arts, dance, music, theatre, cinema, literature including children's literature as a subsection, workshops, heritage walks, urban design and architecture, food, a dedicated section for children, and a vibrant street section including stalls selling eco-friendly, handmade art and craft wares. All in all, the fest has something for everyone.

It is organized by the Kala Ghoda Association with the aim to make Kala Ghoda precinct the Art district of Mumbai. from its conceptual state itself, the organization has consistently worked towards the conservation and refurbishment of this heritage art district with the co-operation of local authorities.  Drawing the attention of art lovers from all over the country and the world; the fest gets better year after year in terms of audience, management, coverage and above all- creativity.With a kaleidoscope of events bringing the rich culture of art live, Mumbai’s most eclectic art festival is here to engage your senses with creativity bursting through every corner.

The installations are beautifully conceptualized and deliver a thoughtful message. The stalls cover a huge spectrum of products ranging from fine china to handcrafted Indian artefacts. The fest has live performances scheduled throughout the day along with heritage walks around the city. One can see the grandeur of this festival add to the vibrancy of the city that already stands tall in cultural dynamics. In conclusion, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival brings together a cluster of events especially to those that have little or no exposure to culture and to those that imbibe it deeply.






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