Helping You Create Green Spaces

Living in the financial capital of India, or for that matter any city built on concrete, can make one long for trees and plants. As a result, more and more people are planting shrubs and plants in their homes and offices. Yuccabe Italia, with their expansive range of planters and vases, is motivating everyone to go green!

From planters of all shapes and sizes to vases in different colours and textures to interesting indoor fountains, Yuccabe’s products adorn hotels, residences, offices and business parks. Being chosen to turn Select Citywalk in Saket, New Delhi, into a green haven was a major turning point for the brand.

With their innovative and skilful designs, Yuccabe is a market leader in contemporary and expertly-crafted décor solutions, both for indoors and outdoors. An initiative of banker-turned-entrepreneur Kuldeep Kalsi, the brand was born out of a passion for décor and landscape design.

A part of the Yuccabe Group, the brand first upgraded the humble planter with bold style statements. The planters were now sleeker, more durable and easily portable. The products, in myriad colours, designs and of unparalleled quality, won over architects and end-users.

The increase in popularity and demand encouraged Yuccabe to evolve and expand. The company today has an extensive range of over 150 designs in a range of sizes and finishes that can appeal to every client, project, designer and user.

The initial days, were not this rosy and Kalsi had to invest his own resources to drive the company. A unique catalogue of products were created under his watchful eyes. These not only addressed the flaws of traditional designs, but were also rooted in modern styles and sensibilities.

The competitively priced products are all stunning and highly durable. The designs are in accordance with latest market trends, making them perfect makeover pieces for your home or office.

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