A Mid-Summer Garden Dream

Outdoor Luxury Center Pole Patio Umbrella-1046


Be it a terrace, your quaint balcony, a spacious front yard, your humble backyard or even your empty walls- Songs of Summer is here to enliven your outdoor spaces with their appealing range of products like planters, pots, birdhouses, watering cans and plant hangers among others. Each product offered by Songs of Summer has a witty and fun touch to it.

Established in Bangalore, Songs of Summer, a Garden shop, was created with a passion for customizing green concept spaces. Their philosophy stems from creating spaces that are sensory and imbibe your lifestyle and personality.They have also stepped into the world of ceramics by setting up a pottery studio and creation of their in-house brand. The limited edition Songs of Summer collection is a fun and quirky line of handcrafted garden products and accessories in terracotta and stoneware that are designed with an eye for detail.

They design and develop ceramics for customized gifting for corporate and personal occasions, landscape design for residential and commercial spaces, pottery workshops for individuals and occasions; the brand does it all. They offer a plethora of options to cater to all your gardening needs that fit into any available space.

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