Move Over Birthday Balloons!

How many of you remember that scene from The Mask, when Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) puts on a show of various balloon animals and inanimate objects? I spent quite a bit of my childhood trying to create something from leftover birthday balloons, and even from those that I collected when I visited amusement parks. The result was always painful to my eardrums, to say the least. Not to mention, I probably gave my grandparents a couple of minor heart attacks.

But for Masayoshi Matsumoto, balloon art has turned out to be a unique medium to communicate and connect with the world. Matsumoto, through his balloon art, has garnered numerous accolades and a huge fan following across the globe.

Balloon art or balloon modeling is the reshaping of balloons, specifically designed for this purpose, into a different shape, animals mostly. Balloon benders or artists, as they are often called, are big hits typically at birthday parties, fairs, and various events

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