Owner Cum Designer

According to one school of thought, the concept of a designer decorating his or her own house is troubling due to the lack of constraints. The major tenet of this group is that constraints, boundaries and briefs offer a framework to the designer, a set of guidelines which helps refine a concept.

A challenging site, a demanding client, a restricting budget and a complicated brief are vital ingredients for an ingenious design outcome. To every opinion, however, there is always a contradicting view, and this scenario is no different. The opposition school of thought is of the belief that sifting through the realm of an uninhibited imagination is overwhelmingly inspiring and altogether what genius solutions are made of. Sanghani, the principal designer of Kyrra Studio, belongs to this school.

A luxurious living cum dining room greets visitors upon entering her duplex apartment. The space is replete with stylish modern elements such as a cove-lit wooden ceiling, a vast expanse of seamless white marble flooring, and classic white upholstery. “To describe it simply, the interiors are neither too much, nor too little,” says Sanghani.

The mood board is dominated by whites, greys and browns. A bright abstract painting sitting on a warm grey wall brings a pop of colour into the scheme. A folded plate staircase suspended from a deep brown wooden wall becomes a focal point. A slender brass handrail poises itself elegantly on this backdrop. Tall standing lamps, one black and the other white, add a magical twinkle to the lighting.


A wooden log dining table resting on brass legs defines the dining room. The proportions of this classic design – a considerable length as compared to the breadth – give the dining area a comfortably spacious feel. Chairs crafted in leather and brass complement the table and match the console unit.

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