Pillow Talk

Talk about pillows and the first thought that comes to your mind is tucking in for a cosy warm sleep. These seemingly ordinary objects have a long, fascinating process behind them.When it comes to hotels, it doesn’t matter how many pieces’ of furniture is plentifully scattered in the room or the variations of cocktails available at the bar; the guests aren’t coming back if they don’t get a good night’s sleep. This is where the pillow and bed sheet quality comes into effect.

It is not surprising to find bedding companies offer a plethora of choices to customers looking for the right pillow and linen for their homes. Although, more often than not, it can get a little overwhelming to a point where its relevance is questioned. This, however, is not the case with the hospitality sector. They mindfully focus on picking the right bed linen for their customers with an absolute scrutiny of quality and thread counts. Fundamentally, the term thread count refers to the number of threads woven together over a square inch of fabric.

For an easier understanding of this constituent in the hospitality industry, we can say that the higher the thread count in a pillow or bed sheet linen, the higher the level of quality and luxury. On the less expensive side are the 250 thread counts that give a crisp and clean ‘vintage’ feel to bed linen. While 300 to 400 thread counts emanate a soft, smooth texture without being too heavy in the pocket. The priciest suites, however, use bed linen that is never below 600 thread counts; making it the ultimate linen luxury.

Nothing feels better than sliding into a bed hampered with good quality linen after a long hard day. This is a fact the hospitality industry is well aware of and makes outright use of. To put this in perspective, manufacturing being a serious business has several standards that govern it. Multiple manufacturers report having products with an excessive amount of thread counts that are sometimes questionable. These bogus claims are easily identifiable by testing labs with professional help to validate their claims and various instances in the past have proven the same.

Now that you know the pertinence of thread counts, make sure to hold your thought on your next encounter with new linen.

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