Pop-Up Igloos Invite Londoners For Winter Eat-Outs

First, the questions. Will these get blown away? What about ventilation? Does food inside an igloo taste different? But really importantly, how other-worldly cold is it going to be in there?

To catch up, 8 intriguing looking igloos have mushroomed at 3 Three Quays Walk, at Lower Thames Street in London. This unusual installation has been laid out by the Coppa Club, a popular eatery that serves brunch staples and European cuisine. Clearly, the effort here is to inspire curious, adventurous souls to try out a different dining experience, and the expansive views of the Thames, the HMS Belfast warship, the Shard, and the Tower Bridge don’t hurt one bit!

But how exactly these classy coops ensure that the guests don’t freeze mid-meal comes down to some brilliant design detailing.

The PVC domes have been created by Berlin-based Garden Igloo, a company which produces fully-recyclable and hyper-resilient igloos for urban use. The hemispheres are 11.5 ft. wide and stand on solid bases that keep them grounded. Topping this base is also a light wooden floor.

Igloos work because their dome form and natural snow brick insulation keep the insides dramatically warmer than the outsides. This is fairly stable warmth, capable of being enhanced by lighting and body heat. So is true with the Coppa Club igloos. The warmly-lit hemispheres keep up the heat while also conjuring up some quintessential Christmas imagery with their string lights, floor lamps, and table-top candles that fill the tight space with yellow bliss. Adding to the effect are full potted plants, and heaters. The overall vibe is quaintly living room-like, a perfect setting for the eatery’s offering of coffee and pancakes.

The furnishings inside the igloos are cosy to the boot. The oak wood tables hold the food and drinks, while up to 8 guests can relax on plush velvet sofas and leather seats, wrapped in sheepskin blankets and hugging soft linen cushions.

Guests can choose to dine in 3 of the igloos, while the other 5 offer lounging opportunities. The dining chairs are unique pieces made out of bent wood by Gebruder Thonet, while the lounge igloos feature chairs from the Danish company Gubi, and also vintage rattan seaters.  

The ambience, helped along by inbuilt speakers that let loose sublime music, is encouraging of reading and sitting back in awe of the sights. For designer Theresa Obermoser, the aim was to make the terrace zone attractive for diners, even as the winter chill enveloped the city. The project seems to have succeeded beautifully, even if it is in temporary residence only till January, 2017.

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