Precious Designs Set In Stone

Can anything look more classy than a marble-and-stone combination? We at Design Owl think probably not, and so does Carved Additions. The love for marble artefacts led Carved Additions to create some of the most fascinating accent pieces for modern homes.

The brand has products to suit every space, be it indoors, outdoors, living, garden, porch or the patio. The home accents by Carved Additions are both functional and beautiful, and also bring a timeless air to any setting.

From marble artefactswall hangings to tabletops, the range is diverse and works well with all types of home decor and design. These can turn give even the most ordinary of spaces a luxe makeover.

Colourful, hard stones are sourced from the finest quarries of India, Italy and Vietnam. These are then sliced by hand using the ancient bow-sow technique. Each design, traced on paper, is cut into tiny parts and glued on a stone. The semi-precious and coloured shapes are then carefully carved out and then inlaid on the base. The final product is a dazzling piece of home decor.

Most of the products by Carved Additions have an Italian charm. They are not only museum-worthy but also have the ability to turn ordinary spaces into spectacular areas.

“We are fascinated by the thought of which is more important—the stone that has in it, an unseen beautiful world or the hand that unfurls this world or maybe it is the moment of oneness where the stone meets the hand and becomes an art,” Mitul Devpura of Carved Additions, says.

From what began as a hobby to collect marble artefacts and recreate 17th century Italian inlay, turned into a destination to find distinct works of art for those with a passion for marble and semi precious stones.

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