Artistic Harmony

The Fishy Project (Ishita Sitwala) for Advait Architects

Artistic Harmony

Type: Homes

Firm:Advait Architects

Photo Credits:The Fishy Project (Ishita Sitwala) for Advait Architects

This home is the perfect example of how private and semi-private spaces can be created for a family that hosts guests often.

The brief was simple: creating a homely space that reflects the personality of the client and is also in tune with his habits and routine. The residence in Kadodara, Gujarat, was designed by a team comprising Shyam Bhatt and Viraj Wadiwala of Advait Architects architect Monaz Vaniawala and architect Krishma Desai.

Since the family loves to entertain guests frequently, the designers had to carefully consider the functionality and aesthetics of the house. The space was visualised to bridge the gap between art, design and functionality. The main aim was to keep the expansive feel without overdoing the elements.

The chosen material palette is a mix of white walls and wood, which is complimented with one opulent material in each space to add the necessary ‘bling’ factor. The décor and elements used to accessorise work in harmony and do not break the spaces into different segments.

However, there is a clear demarcation between semi-private and private spaces, keeping in mind the frequency of guests in the house. Wanting to both separate and connect the disparate spaces, distinctive décor and lighting features have been used for each zone.

The living room has ample seating with an adjoining dining separated by a simple storage unit. A green wall has been added outside the living room window, which makes the space livelier. The master bedroom has a full size window opening into a terrace garden. This makes the space feel larger, while natural light from the bedroom’s windows create a well ventilated and bright ambience. A storage cabinet, inspired from artist Piet Mondrian, adds a whimsical character to the guest / multipurpose room.

Each of the bathrooms gives a feel of being in a courtyard, playing with natural light and planters that add warmth to the space.

The spatial quality and variety is achieved with different wooden tones and patterns on the vertical surfaces that form backdrops to hide storage and unite the spaces.