Building A House With Many A Golden Hues

Sameer Chawda for Amritha Karnakar Architectural Design

Building A House With Many A Golden Hues

Type: Homes

Firm:Amritha Karnakar Architectural Design (AKAD)

Photo Credits:Sameer Chawda for Amritha Karnakar Architectural Design

The Mumbai residence is opulent with an ethereal appeal. It is a reminder to us all that gold, when used smartly, can create eclectic spaces.

The client’s specification for their Mumbai house was different from the space that they had been living in. The main idea was something luxurious yet simple and chic.

AKAD (Amritha Karnakar-Architectural Design) decided to use gold as a connecting element for all the spaces, from the entrance to the living room to the bedrooms and mainly the prayer room. In the other rooms it was used in detailing in the furniture, lights, metal detailing of knobs and handles and so on.

Gold is timeless. It is approachable and can be combined with numerous schemes to create a luxurious ambiance. So, the design team of AKAD used gold with black in the living room to give it an opulent look. In the master bedroom it was used with whites and light greys for a more ethereal appeal. The guest bedroom was jazzed up with customised gold metal hanging lights. The girls’ bedroom was given an eclectic yet earthy feel by teaming gold with pine wood.

This project was an experiment with gold as a colour in the most subtle manner to create a luxurious space.

Amrita Karnakar, the principal architect of AKAD, graduated from Kamla Raheja Vidhyanidhi Institute of Architecture in 2008. Selected for an exchange programme with the Berne University, she later worked as an intern with Aebi+Vincent Buro, Switzerland. Karnakar also specialised in Interior Design for Hotels from Domus, Milan.

AKAD was formed in 2010, and the design firm has since then worked on several interior, architecture and landscape projects. Significant projects have been featured in magazines such as Design Matrix and Inside Outside. The firm’s designs are a concoction of symmetry and elegance with a dash of quirkiness.