Child at Heart

Rat Lab Interiors

Child at Heart

Type: Retail

Firm:Rat Lab Interiors

Photo Credits:Rat Lab Interiors

This store designed by rat[LAB]INTERIORS combines technical and mechanical wizardry to save space, create brilliant display, and perfectly appeal to the client base – children.

This retail store for kids’ merchandise exhibits a bold use of primary colours blended with rustic and raw use of materials. The use of multi-layering technique and the distinct articulation of interior design elements has been the main intent to enhance the verticality of this 26 ft. high site.

The goal of space planning on this site was to give maximum storage and product display, at the same time keeping in mind the end-user of the space being a short scale human being. The store is planned for children up to the age of 10. This has been achieved by dividing the display at a 6 ft.-6 in. level with another module of similar height above it. The two tiers are physically divided by a running pelmet throughout the store periphery and using it for indirect lighting.

Constrained by the FSI by-laws of DLF Mall of India, it was challenging to have a second tier display and storage for maximising the utilisation of the store. The design setting with open-shelving usage allowed to negotiate with the constraint as no mezzanine was allowed in the store. An open-ceiling duct has been designed to run at the centre of the store dividing the space horizontally and vertically.

The display racks on either side are in monochrome to keep up neutrality. While one side is a 13 ft. tall rectangular grid in monochrome grey, the opposite wall has white PU-coated parallel- running shelves divided by chamfered vertical members. The monotony is broken by boxes between these shelves and a segment for hangers. An abstracted version of a red bus has been used to create space for storage and the store front is designed on the same prop with bus windows to peep inside and serve as show windows. The vibrant colour adds to the playful ambience of the store, successfully.

PU finish paint and lacquered glass combine with rustic red brick and raw unfinished ropes that float on the ceiling.

Shades of red in high gloss and rusted finish along with fragments of blue and yellow with monotones of grey, black and white, form the colour palette for this young vibrant brand. The flooring is a dark rough textured vitrified tiling allowing mass movement inside the store. LED ribbon flex has been used to create soft indirect lighting in the pelmets and LED spot lights on track are placed at the two tiers of display. The show window and individual boxes have recessed one-watt spot lights to add to the spectacle while maintaining the necessary lux levels without excessive spots.

The cross-rope installation below the open HVAC duct acts as a cloud cover to the store and filters the view to the highest point on the ceiling on purpose.

Further below is the cellular morphology feature which swings against these surface isocurves and the installation is massed into a dense cluster in highest visibility zone to form a bold feature. “The mathematically designed hanging installation consists of 120 unique cells of hexagonal topology, made of 720 non-identical surfaces with 640 customized joints fabricated through digital prototyping techniques,” states the team.