A Delicate Mix

Architect Anju Roy for P Roy Architects

A Delicate Mix

Type: Homes

Firm:P Roy Architects

Photo Credits:Architect Anju Roy for P Roy Architects

The Mahajans’ Residence at Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, has been designed by architect Anju Roy as a luxury abode that has a brilliant balance of customised spaces that retain a seamless feeling of one-ness.

This home has an approximate constructed area of 16,000 sq. ft. The building consists of 4 storeys of living areas, entertainment areas in the basement and the roof, and a floor for parking and services.

There are 2 duplex residential units as per the family requirements, all customised to the minutest detail to suit each individual member. “The residence was designed with high Vaastu compliance and yet the spaces feel seamless,” states the team from New Delhi-based P Roy Architects.

At the lower floor, one enters into a wide lobby with a large drawing room, dining areas, a puja room, double-height living areas and the internal stairs. A large kitchen and 2 bedrooms with lavish dressing-cum-toilets complete the 2,800 sq. ft. floor. The upper floor has a 4-bedroom set and a smaller kitchen connected to the lower floor kitchen.

“The brief of the client was to have a practical modern house with a feel of luxury. Their requirements were very detailed and had to accommodate a host of new technology products, electronics and security items. Each and every space had to be customised and yet be kept looking and feeling the same throughout,” recalls Anju Roy, principal architect at P Roy Architects.

The architectural design was completed before the work started, while the interior design and detailing was complex. Roy’s experience of working with big families, and an understanding client, made the task of designing smooth.

This being a ‘design-and-build’ project, the team had to overcome a few challenges during construction. The execution team, too, faced the usual challenges related to co-ordination with multiple agencies, as well as time and cost contractual obligations.

“We made an effort to co-ordinate lights, colours, materials and textures to maintain a feeling of warmth and cosiness inside. We have tried on the outside to make the building as maintenance-free as possible, while also have a striking elevation,” reveals Roy.

The colour co-ordination leaned toward warm earthy colours for the backgrounds, whites and splashes of colour for the furniture, and beautiful textures for the fabrics. The use of natural veneers and hi-gloss finishes brought in richness and complexity.

The flooring is mostly Italian marble, while the ceilings were designed to accommodate a variety of lighting scenes and ceiling fans. Every space inside the home has been enhanced with beautiful wall finishes, treatments and art-work.

“We made an effort to keep in as much natural light as possible, and balance it with internal lighting, automated mood-lighting, as well as with co-ordinated materials and textures to maintain a feeling of warmth and cosiness,” says Roy.

The furniture is eclectic, with a mix of contemporary and designer. The finishes and fabrics are well co-ordinated with the wall treatments and furnishings.