Of Design Innovation And Execution

Prashant Bhat for ANJ Turnkey Projects

Of Design Innovation And Execution

Type: Offices

Firm:ANJ Turnkey Projects

Photo Credits:Prashant Bhat for ANJ Turnkey Projects

The ANJ Group’s office in Mumbai is modern and minimalistic, much like the brand’s characteristic concepts.

The experience starts even before you enter the The ANJ Experience Centre premises in Mumbai. You are mesmerised by a unique open exterior design made of container architecture. The character is distinct and modern minimalistic.

As you are ushered to the reception area, you are in awe of the entire ambience. The reception has an unrestricted design. Designed by ANJ Turnkey Projects, the veneer finished wall panels project warmth while the international baffle ceiling and shipping containers transformed into meeting rooms showcase innovative modern design. “The unique reception desk has been customised and curated in ANJ’s factory, one panel at a time and assembled together to exude seamless finesse,” Deepak Gohil, the principal designer, says.

Inside, every area has its own theme, from the carpets, walls, ceiling, materials, to the furniture and design. Each area showcases ANJ’s design and execution capabilities. The transition from innovative design to perfect execution is evident through the intricate moulds and filigree works around the premise, the Corian top tables, concealed storages integrated with the design, plethora of different wall finishes, ceilings with stretch and baffle concepts.

A open-feel café with natural light as well as tungsten lights add a unique character. Meeting rooms have a strong container accent but are technology-driven. Open workplaces, which provide a sense of solitude as well as being connected, are a hallmark of this office.

The MD’s cabin is the pinnacle of innovative design concepts. The entire design is pre-fabricated, pre-painted and pre-finished in ANJ’s factory and later assembled at the office site.

Natural light coming into the premise from ceilings and glass facade exterior add energy and positivity into the workspace.

ANJ Group is one of India’s leading design and build firms specialising in corporate fit-outs with an experience of over 35 years. With an in-house design studio comprising leading architects and project managers who closely monitor on-site execution. ANJ has delivered 50 million square feet of satisfaction to a client list comprising some of the top corporates and MNC’s from around the globe. The firm provides end-to-end solutions right from customised design to timely execution and delivery all under one roof.