Less is More

Sebastian Zachariah for AV Fourth Dimension

Less is More

Type: Homes

Firm:AV Fourth Dimension

Photo Credits:Sebastian Zachariah for AV Fourth Dimension

For interior designer Amee Vora, founder of Mumbai-based AV Fourth Dimension, space constraints never mean design obstacles. At this Mumbai home, she has created multi-faceted spaces with set functions that also reflect the owners’ individuality.

When living in a busy and crowded city, a peaceful moment is what everyone begins to crave; to de-stress and find comfort after putting in a hard day at work becomes a necessity in a place like Mumbai. This becomes rather easier, and more special, when your home is like a resort in the sky, nestled very close to an ecological reserve!

Very urbane in nature, this home is defined by its elegant aesthetic sensibilities. But this space is functionally-strong too, with a design scheme that encourages purpose. The 180 sq. mt. space is smartly divided into living space, dining space, kitchen, balconies, 3 beds, 5 baths and a family den, which has been carved out from the 4th bed. The family den doubles up as the dresser and provides a separate bath for the man of the house, giving the lady her own separate bath and dresser.

“The design intent of the home was to explicate the clever relationship hidden amongst the carefully-chosen, pared-down illustrative elements which are placed to achieve synergy. Design interacts with those elements without vastly overpowering each other, unfolding an inclusive design,” states interior designer Amee Vora from Mumbai-based AV Fourth Dimension.

An alum of the Arvindbhai Patel Institute of Environmental Design in Anand, Gujarat, Vora has infused this residential project with inspirations honed over years of studying and working in the architectural landscape of Mumbai as well as Los Angeles. She established AV Fourth Dimension in February, 2010, and has eschewed developing a rigid signature style in favour of personalising every project and creating unique moulds for them.