Light House

Tarak Shah for Aangan Architects

Light House

Type: Homes

Firm:Aangan Architects

Photo Credits:Tarak Shah for Aangan Architects

This home in Surat is a large, luxurious abode built for two families. Aangan Architects has developed a linear, minimalist bungalow-design language for this sunlight-filled structure.

This residence located in Adajan, Surat, for 2 brothers and their families has been designed on a 225 sq. mt. plot, with a construction area of 450 sq. mt. The ground-and-three-floor structure on this small suburban plot attempts to break the conventional design treatment to the evolving bungalow typology in the flood planes of Surat by breaking the masses and enhancing linearity.

The client brief demanded a very open planning at the family level, and minimal furniture and clutter-free spaces at the private level. The concept was to bring the missing spaciousness into the interiors of the house using natural light and minimalistic design.

The uniqueness of the ambience is the use of brown sandstone slabs in the flooring, which complements the grey tone of the form-finished exposed concrete walls and ceiling. The concrete is in turn complemented by the natural light that travels across the floors from the large glass opening on the north-east side.

The interior of the house is dotted with plywood furniture featuring a medium-brown polish, and metal elements that include staircase and railings done up in hammer tone red enamel paint. This red paint adds vibrancy to the overall ambience and offers an ‘elemental’ look to the staircase.

“When a person enters from the 18’0”-high main door, it changes the perception of the visitor, making it look spacious. This is achieved through entry into a triple-height vestibule and then into a transition area featuring the red metal staircase with all the light coming from the east side,” explains the team.

The triple-height dining space with the glazing on the eastern and northern side also contains the puja area. This actually becomes the family space to socialise at. The same space at the upper level becomes the family-seating and a study area for the children of the house, thus keeping the entire family connected during the daytime.

The activities are oriented towards the light, thus saving on the energy consumption. The southern façade features vertical, metal sun-breakers that gets reflected on the design of the mighty main door as well. The metal sun-breakers protect the house by shading its façade; they also create interesting patterns of light-and-shadow during the daytime.

The furniture detailing is simple, and very utilitarian in nature – the pieces do not just act as showpieces, but are very functional. The furniture has been adorned with a vibrant pastel-coloured cotton tapestry and carpets. The metal staircase looks very delicate and maintains transparency at all levels.

“The ‘Mighty Door’ measuring 6’0” x 18’0” is so designed that it swivels with a gentle push; the centrally-pivoted door contains metal vertical fins as stiffeners,” states the team.