The Collage House

S+PS Architects

The Collage House

Type: Homes

Photo Credits:S+PS Architects

The Collage House in Navi Mumbai stands true to its name; here S+PS Architects have designed a home referencing a sophisticated postcard, full of visuals of the city, both old and new. The front façade sets the tone for what lies inside with a unique external ‘curtain’ that recycles old windows and doors of demolished houses in the city. These beautiful vestiges of the past, with their delicate arcs and simple carvings are carefully lined up on the outside, evoking aching memories of narrow lanes, two-storey homes, ragged clothes lines, and paint-can plant-holders.

The more one takes in the effect of this display, the more one realises what a remarkably powerful visual piece the façade really is. This effect is enhanced in the evenings, when the lights come on and start peeping out through the glass, making it look like a cluster of homes instead of just one.