Put A Spin On It

At Spin, the design philosophy centres around the blurring lines between contemporary homes, offices and recreation spaces. Owing to the fact that current trends are favouring free-flowing lifestyles over ones restricted by boundaries, the designers at Spin have made it their mission to reinterpret modern furnishing of spaces.  Indian in make and Scandinavian in ethos, their products offer a Nordic touch that is globally appealing.

The furniture they create is a fusion of homogenous metals and organic woods. For the designers, the two materials are like a married couple – even though it is difficult to work with them together, they nevertheless complement and complete each other. The motivated team works closely with highly skilled craftsmen to design products, build and test prototypes, and finally arrive at a satisfactory outcome. Two years of nurturing ideas and honing processes have led to a collection whose quality speaks for itself. 

A cutting edge industrial unit in Delhi NCR, the largest of its kind in India, boasts of equipment that gives the team at Spin a heavy advantage over its competitors. In terms of quality control, production timelines, prompt deliveries and after sales services, Spin has a remarkable edge.

“Spin experience centres will be built in the coming year, the first of which is going to be in South Delhi,” says Avenish Jain, one of the founding partners. Each of the products in the Spin catalogue is a space transformer and a conversation starter. An experience centre will allow consumers to browse along and get a feel of the products “the Spin way.”

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Sunakshi Soni

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