Quintessential Quirk

Doesn’t it always bother you when look at trash dumped on the streets and does it make you wonder how bad the constantly aggravating garbage problem has become? In today’s world where the amount of waste produced is increasing by the day, there is a need to think of alternatives for proper waste management.

Amongst many others, glass is a non-degradable material and poses problems when it comes to disposal. It doesn’t rot, or erode, or decompose.

Considering these factors, Wonky Works from Vadodara has come forth with an innovative solution to use old glass bottles and up cycle them, to create decorative utility articles that can be used to accessorize your home. As a result, not only does it reduce the waste produced but also minimizes consumption of new raw materials; bringing about a reduction in energy usage, air pollution, water pollution, water usage, and even greenhouse emissions.

What’s more? The store also specializes in art pieces made from blown glass. It being one of the most difficult and expensive materials to work with, the articles made are specifically customized.

It can be a dainty tissue holder, a sturdy book keeper, a set of planters, or a snack plate, these products from Wonky Works are perfect to quirk up your home.

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