Rekindling A Tabernacle

Known as the city of temples, Nasik is a city in Maharashtra, which houses a variety of old monuments. The first images that come to your mind when you think of Nasik are of rustic yet royal old structures, and vast green fields. In its bolstering labyrinth of streets, are ancient temples, built more than 200 years ago.

Restoring such structures becomes a complex task. The Maruti mandir at Kalvan, was one such monument which was to be revamped. The temple, situated at the heart of the settlement was an evening gathering space for the residents nearby.

The architectural studio, Within ‘N’ without, lead by Ar. Shailesh Devi has done justice to the temple by coming up with an ideal design for it. The new temple is built entirely using black stone which resembles the look of ancient temples carved in granite. The uniformity in colour and the staggered profile of the temple truncates the enormity of the structure. Such considerations in design, help the otherwise dominating and visually distinct structure to blend in with the context.

Taking into consideration the interrelationship of built to open and physical to metaphysical for such projects, plays a paramount role. The design approach moves beyond the inevitable form and function aspects and involves exploratory and accommodative aspects in the planning as well. In addition to this, several other concerns such as the involvement of diverse user groups, interactions and movements of people within the complex, composition of various elements of design, the form, scale and proportions of these elements, are also vital aspects that have been given importance in the design. The shadow play created in the temple interiors using intricate jaali patterns makes the space lively and interactive.

Playing a crucial role in the socio-cultural and spiritual life, the temple has now become an affordable yet accessible asset for local people and remains an integral part of the local life system.

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