Sculptural Clutter

Be it a wooden bowl to collect scattered paper clips or a leather strap to prevent wires from entangling, each product is a work of art – a showpiece, so to speak – that makes the process of tidying up a disarrayed desk almost inviting. The design team constantly strives to explore the potential of raw materials be it in the context of colour, texture, scale or behavioural properties. In exploring this potential, there is an inadvertent discovery of the endless possibilities of craftsmanship which brings these material properties to the surface. Each product is further an investigation into the correlation between technical functionality, and geometric shapes and proportions.

While the elliptical void in one bowl reflects the motion of grabbing tiny objects, the hemispherical void in another is perfect for concealing less used items. Encased in a black cylindrical shell, you can use each bowl individually or stack them over each other. Another black set consists of four trays – two square and two rectangular – fabricated in aluminium. Each rectangular tray is the size of the two square trays placed side by side, allowing the set to be used in multiple different combinations.

A slender and minimalist lead holder crafted in metal strikes the perfect balance between luxury and usability. To be used as an everyday writing or doodling object, it is available in copper and brass. Another expression in metal – available in copper and brass, as well – is an X-shaped stand in which the voids created by the intersection become storage for pens and pencils. It can be used both horizontally and vertically. Alternately, the pen-pot, designed as two separate pieces – one in copper and the other in wood – caters to the more conventional mindsets. Together with a spherical wooden paperweight that stays in place with the help of a cleverly intervening copper embellishment, a nifty office kit comes to life.

And if the explorations in wood, copper and brass weren’t enough, the Deniable Studio catalogue also offers two unique expressions in leather – a pen case that holds itself together through origami rather than stitching, and a wire manager that boasts of maximum functionality with minimum fuss.

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