Shower Your Home With Fab Furnishings

Are you renovating your home or building a new one? How convenient would it be if one could get all the furniture pieces and home accents under one roof.

Rainforest Italy was set up by design firm Thinking Design Services Private Limited precisely to cater to all the requirements of a home owner. Every customer is unique to the brand, and so are the houses. Fine living, based on approachability and comfort, is the underlying idea.

With a wide array of products, one is literally spoilt for choice. Selecting products that you can relate to and creating a space that defines you has never been easier. Be it coffee tables or bar units, mirrors or beds, there’s something for each room and every corner of your house.

Rainforest products are crafted from high quality products, which make them durable and sturdy. Classic designs are interwoven into modern themes, thereby making every piece suitable for every home. Clean designs, inspired from Europe, fused with the warmth and solidity of Indian materials, result in masterpieces.

The brand runs on four keywords: artistry, sustainability, ergonomics and customer satisfaction. A blend of artistic simplicity and excellence in workmanship makes the products distinct and unique.

“We believe that if a material can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished or recycled then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production,” a company spokesperson says.

Rainforest also wants to optimise human wellbeing and performance through their designs. The passion to see every customer satisfied with the quality and service rendered keeps the brand motivated.

It endorses classic designs that can be used alongside modern furnishing concepts.

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