A Unique Tale Behind Each Handmade Product

Why should laptop bags, organiser books or yoga mat bags have to be dull and boring? It is time to let your radiant personality shine through products of daily use. 

The Initiative brings to you well-designed and handcrafted products, which include quilts, utility rolls, laptop sleeves, yoga mat bags and organiser books

Every piece is one of a kind and handmade from the superior quality materials. The Initiative empowers women by training and employing them. These women are talented and motivated but often lack economic independence because of family obligations or circumstances. 

The brand up-cycles waste created by garment production units to make these products. As a result, only a limited number of each design is created. Hence, each piece has a unique story behind it’s creation. As all the items are handmade, each is different from the other, and have a distinct look and feel. 

Currently, the women are working on Godhadhis, hand quilted blankets native to Maharashtra. Here, multiple layers of old saris or bits of soft cloth are hand stitched to create a warm blanket. It takes a group of women and several days to complete one blanket. Owning one of these warm, soft quilts is like owning a piece of that rich experience. 

The founder of the brand, grew up seeing her grandmother create beautiful with her own hands. Perhaps, this love got translated into her own appreciation of handmade products and led her to build this brand.

The Initiative believes that each of their product has a tale to tell, from where it came, who made it and how. But to be able to sustain the age-old handcrafting practices and ensuring sustainable livelihoods to their practitioners is a long and daunting process. The Initiative’s ability to do this is what sets the brand apart.


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