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CA + AT is all about a curated journey that brings together a group of creative people with an attempt to trace the best of contemporary art and architecture sites in the world. This is an inspiring journey where one learns throughout. Over the past two years CA+AT has been exploring the experimental projects in the Seto Inland Sea in the Kagawa Japanese Prefecture south of Osaka

Art and architecture combined in a subtle manner produces a true retreat of the mind and this tour vows to offer an experience of a lifetime. From May 8th to 13th, 2017 CA+AT explored the Benesse Art Sites on the islands of Naoshima, Teshima, Inujima, and Takamatsu. The highlights of CA+AT 2017 are as follows:

At the Naoshima Miyanoura Port, you cannot help notice the minimalist steel structure enclosing glass spaces arranged as islands under one single roof. The Benesse House Museum and hotels, designed by Tadao Ando on a hilltop area of Naoshima island overlooks the mesmerising Seto Inland Sea. Here, you can find art collections not only in galleries but also in the building spaces as well as the guest rooms. The Oval is another not-to-be-missed destination. A six-suite building located on a hill top with an amazing 360-degree view of the island and the Seto sea, a terrace garden and a pool. Chichu Art Museum interconnects art, architecture, and landscape. Lee Ufan Museum is a semi-underground concrete museum with spectacular courtyards, closed and open spaces. Teshima Art Museum illustrates the concept of open air museum.

Photo Courtesy:  www.design-milk.com

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