Why Him? 2016 watch full online

Why Him? 2016 watch full online

Father bitter rivalry with the rich daughter of his girlfriend. Vacation, Ned (Bryant California) but I love and protect his family to visit his daughter at Stanford where they found their greatest dream: Well-meant but socially awkward Silicon Valley billionaire friend, Laird (James Franco). Self development and ned fear level goes through the roof when he finds himself in the technology lost very glamorous and found land on the question.

Last yalikizo, Ned, loving fatherProtected his family to visit his daughter at Stanford, where she had a dream that she had well-intentioned but cumbersome Social Silicon Valley billionaire friend, Laird. Just Think Ned Laird, who has absolutely no filter, is wildly appropriate for her daughter. A hand and self Neds point spreads panic when they find themselves increasingly out of the kick in the middle of high-tech glamorous, and you realize that it is not about Laird question.

For niniNaye? Ned Fleming and Barb, andHer son was 15 years old Scott, visited the eldest daughter of her Stephanie, but she is shocked to see that Stephanie’s girlfriends rich and famous name Laird Mayhew. Its not too overwhelming for her, and this allows Ned to get a bad feeling about her, even if you confirm Stephanie Laird’s guy, and he’s perfect for him. Then Stephanie’s show plans to offer five days later, His heart became Ned`s blessing loloteinachukua. So startedHe’s trying to win over and Barb Scott, but Ned yanaachaSa purpose Laird to make sure does not succeed.

Language: English

Other 18

General appearance: 29 December 2016

Genre: Comedy

Running time: 1 hour 51 minutes

Distribution: 20th Century Fox

Cast: James Franco, Brian Canada, Zoey Deutch, Keegan, Michael

Director: John Hamburg

Format: P2

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