Working Stylishly

These five decor products can uplift the style of your cubicle in no time.

Is your desk looking a little drab? Are you too jaded to sit near the same mess every day? Then here’s how you can spruce up your work style without bothering anyone around. As offices aren’t always a great place for décor-inspiration, your desks certainly can be if you know how to decorate it with right hues and products.  Even if you are sitting in a small space, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t add personality to it as you can easily make your work desk look as creative and funky as you are. Adorn your desk with all things you love, from chic decorative items to gizmos to fresh flowers, make your cubicle an unconventional sight of your office space.

Use planters or fresh flowers: Add a touch of nature to your desk with fresh flowers and little planters which also give you a sense of freshness and calmness. Keeping flowers and planters near the desk has proven to reduce stress and enhance your creativity and productivity at work. You can shop online for a range of colourful planters in an array of shapes, sizes and colours. To place fresh flowers you can use a Test Tube Vase or tuck in a Kadhai or Dudhwala planter which add quirk to your desk.

Desk Lamp: A crucial décor piece to add a touch of light and style to your desk, lamp has always been a quintessential desk accessory. If not a lamp, then you can always use an LED light strips or a filament bulb.

Colourful cushions: Ensuring your complete comfort and care, cushions are a game changing décor pieces that can instantly add a pop of colour and class to your workspace. Available in an array of textures, patterns and colours, you can shop for exclusive designer cushion pieces for your workspace here.

Use colourful accessories: Accessories can literally change the look of your desk in no time. Use mason jars or colourful cups to stack those pens, pencils and other stationery products and a colourful coaster to place all your beverages in style. Also, a colourful laptop sleeve will further make your desk look more elegant.

Create a vision board and use decorative planners: Keep an easy track of all the things that you need to do by creating a colourful vision board and get a little creative while opting for your planners. As planners help you organize your work time and day and they are always in full display, use a stylish one that will give your desk a fabulous look.

So give your dull looking desk a fresh makeover by utilizing the ideas listed above.

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